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Book Review of “Hastings-Sunrise” by Bren Simmers

Bren Simmers, Hastings-Sunrise Friday night at Hastings Park. Our beer in plastic cups. Pre-race, the announcer tells us to look for a big ass, a line of muscle along the abs as horses bounce and prance past patio tables, retirees with circled stats, hipsters in fedoras, weekend warriors, families and first-timers craving novelty. The regulars drink inside, beer rings stamped on betting slips. Bred for impulse, live-feed TVs. Minutes till the starting gun, exam hush as their pencils wager cubicle earnings against Luck of the Devil. A flurry of hunches before crack. Cramped on their saddles, Jockeys jack-in-the-box. Horses try to outrun whips. Call it sport or 9 to 5 odds I can’t watch. Close my eyes. A wall of noise at the finish line. Squamish, British Columbia poet Bren Simmers adds her voice to the poetic geography of Vancouver through her second poetry collection, Hastings-Sunrise (Gibsons BC: Nightwood Editions, 2015). Every time another poetry collection on and around Vancouver social geographies emerges, I’m amazed at the growing list of authors who have articulated that …

25th Anniversary Contest Now Accepting Submissions!

Did you know that our 25th anniversary contest issue is coming up? Submit for the chance to be monumentalized in FreeFall lore. Plus, it’s a superb chance to have the wonderful John Vigna review your work. Submit online at John Vigna is a graduate of the MFA creative writing program at UBC and alumni of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His fiction and non-fiction has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and anthologies including Cabin Fever: The Best New Canadian Non-Fiction, The Dalhousie Review, Grain, Event, sub-Terrain, The Antigonish Review, and Exact Fare 2: Stories of Public Transportation. He is the recipient of the Dave Greber Award for Freelance Writers, winner of the sub-Terrain Lush Triumphant fiction contest and finalist for a Western Magazine Award, the Event creative non-fiction contest, and the CBC literary non-fiction contest. John lives in Vancouver with his wife, the writer Nancy Lee. He is a Lecturer in the UBC Creative Writing Program.